A Larger Moon Shine More Than Usual Before the Onset of Autumn

A bright full moon over Sevilla, Spain
In the coming few days there will be one of the most beautiful celestial events of the year: September Full Moon or Harvest Moon.
This is a moon that can be seen larger more than usual due to an optical illusion caused by the atmosphere, and red tones as it comes synchronized with the setting sun are the only days of the year when there is no darkness and the moon shines all night.

As astronomers explain, this episode takes place the day before the arrival of the autumn equinox, which takes place on Sunday, and when the days and nights are almost the same length.

If during the remainder of the satellite of the Earth may delay your departure until almost an hour after the sun sets, the Harvest Moon rises about the same time that the star disappears. The sky of this period is characterized by its red color illuminated by moonlight, creating a unique sight.

In addition, also amateur astronomers can observe these days Venus and Saturn, which have a close encounter in the sky. The clarity of these nights will also allow that this phenomenon can be seen only with binoculars, as experts have explained.