Refrigerator Raider? Amazing woman responds against bullies by viral photo

How scary can this be? Receive an email from a friend who says, "You're famous on the Internet!" When this was not your intention at all. For Caitlin Seida, writer of 24 years, was the wake up call that forced her to rethink their social media habits. In an essay entitled My embarrassing picture went viral ("My picture went viral shameful"), Seida told how he dealt with a row of bullies who made fun of her when her Facebook photo inadvertently spread online.


Seida discovered that the photo was broadcast in January, accumulating thousands of comments, but only he was speaking out of the picture after. The photo on which alerted her friend was taken in 2011, that year Seida had disguised for Halloween Lara Croft: Tom Rider. "I could not remember if I had put my private photo, but was now circulating on the Internet, and someone had written the words 'Fridge Raider' in it," said Seida to Yahoo Shine.


Initially, Seida thought the photo was funny. "I am a plus size woman, and had been a real shot, but not very favorable," he said. "I have also been treated with bullying all my life because at 14 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that causes weight gain." However, after reading the comments accompanying the photo, your laughter faded quickly.
"People wrote things like, 'Wow, she's fat" and "Why do people like her do not stop to exist?'" He said Seida. "In many ways, I understood the humor we all laughed at a funny photo online, but we seldom realize that the subject is a real person appears. At the same time, was totally destroyed."


After scrolling through hundreds of comments mocking his body, Seida called her friend Terri Jean, one photographer with legal knowledge, and between the two hatched a plan. Locate and confront the worst bullies, it was pretty easy task, considering that many had mentioned on Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter and Failblog using your Facebook account, making them easily identifiable. "I asked them why they were doing this and please stop share and comment on the photo," he explains.
Seida was surprised by what happened next. "While responding to my email, none of them apologized," he said. "One is surprised that his comments were traceable. In a way, it was confirmed that people were not as malicious as much as thoughtless."


Seida is just one example of how people are beginning to confront cyber bullies. In September 2012, Balpreet Kaur, a woman belonging to the Sikh religion, with a scraggly beard, had his picture taken in the Library of the Ohio State University without their knowledge. When Kaur found that the image was posted on the social networking site Reddit, spoke with his own comment: "Hey, guys, I'm Balpreet Kaur, the girl in the picture, I'm not embarrassed or humiliated by the attention (negative and positive) that drew that picture, because that's how I am. " His response urged many to reconsider their words and the person who initially posted the photo Kaur apologized. That same month, dtelad11 Reddit user discovered that a photo of him sitting on the floor of the subway with a computer in the legs accompanied by a caption that called it 'workaholic'. Dtelad11 commented on the matter, explaining that rarely given time to work on his doctoral thesis with a newborn at home, and then apologized for the inconvenience, beating his critics.


Seida has also secured the support of Internet helping to make peace with the photo and adjust their social media habits: she now regularly reviews its privacy settings Facebook account is aware of the pages you are given a " I like ", and does not accept friend requests from people you do not know. "I've also learned to speak up when I hear people making fun of the photos of others," he said. She is using her newfound fame to help others avoid the same fate. "I'm creating a website called I Feel Delicious (I feel delicious), an open forum where people can feel good without judgment," he said. "I chose the word 'delicious' because, unlike the word 'beautiful', conjures up images of diversity (flavors, textures and flavors), like people."


Tikker, the clock that tells the time of your death

A Swedish scientist creates a "gadget" to encourage owners to "enjoy the moment"
Tikker, the clock that tells the time of your death

If you were told that you're going to die tomorrow, what would you do in your final hours This question we sometimes make between jokes or just give flight to our imagination could be very present in our day to day if we wear a clock with counting down the time left. The bizarre idea straight out of the movie "In Time", Justin Timberlake, has been brought to reality. The Swedish researcher has created Fredrik Colting tikker, namely "death watch" pointing the years, months, days, minutes and seconds left until the owner is gone from this world. "The life of each one of us does not have an expiration date and although they tend to avoid the argument, death is not a surprise to none and although not negotiable, it is life itself. This is why we must learn to love and seize every moment, following our hearts, "says Colting.

A questionnaire

However, before starting the clock, its future owner will have to answer a series of questions with no scientific basis on your medical and family history (cases of allergy or chronic diseases) and about their consumption habits (alcohol, smoke, diet), physical activity practice and the weight. After counting points the user will get the date of his death and the tikker will consume the remaining time.
'More than a deathwatch I consider it a sort of apparatus of happiness
"The idea of developing this experiment came after the death of grandfather, who made ​​me think about the frailty of life and made ​​me understand the importance of enjoying every moment, because if we were all aware that we would realize our end approaches certainly better choices. This is why more than a deathwatch I consider it a sort of apparatus of happiness ", as has the 'Daily Express'. For now, the only countdown is underway is the crowd funding website Kickstarter, where "tikker Team" - consisting Colting next to Gustaf Wollin Swedish designer and marketing expert Rebecca deRosa-expected raise about 18,500 euros before November 1 with sales of these watches. The price of each is 43 euros and offers the possibility to consult also the normal time, so that the holder can be secured better at what time it is and not how much time is left to die, but occasionally could use not bad take a look to realize that we must try to enjoy every moment of life. If the end is just a "gadget".  content7 the blog for you


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 - Review

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 - Review
Graphics cards, gpu's or simply "the chart" a world apart in computer and hardware. Have their own processes, its own language, one might say, almost autonomous. And in most cases, almost on par with the CPU the most important component for many, when choosing the components of a computer, which is usually about 40% of the total budget.
NVIDIA graphics green brand, not long ago we introduced the TITAN GTX, for many and we include a graph of "transition" marketing an object to be the flagship, the dark beast of the market and also the scourge of our pocket given its price close to € 1,200.

Today, NVIDIA presents a graph, a few day of Computex, not a graph any presents a new series GTX 7xx series and for this, we have made partakers when conducting this entry in society, and therefore, in this review we present what for many will be their new graphics, the GeForce GTX 780 and we're not talking about any rehashed, as has been listening to these days through the media, talked about a new series, with the heart of the TITAN the GK110 GPU, the fastest so far introduced by NVIDIA, GPU Boost 2.0, 2034 CUDA cores or what is the same as 50% more CUDA cores, 50% more memory on the already established market GeFroce GTX 680, transforming the GTX 780 GeForce presented here, the direct successor of this all and thanks to a total computing performance improvement over the 34%, of course always looking on paper.
Now, during this review, we will present this chart more thoroughly, and the results, which has not offered during our own testing and see if it has come to stay.
 content7 review


The woman behind the voice of Siri

Perhaps you do not recognize the woman who appears on these lines, but if you listened to talk this change. This is Susan Bennett and, according to CNN , this is the woman who has put Siri voice. At least, and although Apple has neither confirmed nor seem to confirm this, this ensures the chain based on the confirmation of a forensic acoustics expert Bennett's own. His voice takes years being listened in America. For example, it is not strange to hear it in GPS, ATM or even airports. As explained in the interview, in 2005, devoted almost a whole month to record words and phrases to complete nonsense then these could be processed to create other versions of spoken sentences and paragraphs. In his day never knew what these recordings were to be used until after the iPhone 4S launch several friends contacted her to let you know that Siri's voice seemed, much to his voice. We leave the full interview on video below:


[Analysis] Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

'Kingdom Hearts' was released in Europe on November 28, 2002. This new title is presented as an RPG that had real-time combat and one of the largest and most interesting crossover seen to date in the world of video games: the Disney universe and some of the most famous 'Final Fantasy' . Over ten years later, Square Enix has a HD collection that includes some of the best moments in the series. Is it worth it to secure it?  We'll tell you.
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX


A Kingdom hearts full of nostalgic

Getting back to an ancient title that marked an era in PS2 is always a pleasure, especially if this time comes with a higher definition graphics without losing the original essence. This is what must have thought when Square Enix introduced just a year ago 'Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX' at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 and to mark the tenth anniversary of the saga. A compilation that, as its name suggests, come adapted to the current generation but in HD exclusively made for PS3.
Aside 'Birth by Sleep' PSP, both games as the material in this compilation respect the chronology plot of the series rather than the departure of each title. Following this logic, the games chosen and shape this compilation are 'Kingdom Hearts Final Mix', 'Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories' and 'Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days', so it would not be unreasonable to think that Square Enix is preparing a new HD pack led by the second installment appeared on PlayStation 2. This hypothetical 2.5 Remix would most accessible deliveries appeared in portable and pave the ground for the emergence of 'Kingdom Hearts III' One Xbox and PS4. But let's focus on the present.
Since the game menu breathes nostalgic. A classic piano melody feature three images accompanying saga, one of each game, to choose and start with it. However, adjustment before the resolution of the image on our TV to avoid black borders during the game or, on the contrary, that part of each scene menus is lost or be cut off. To do this, with the L and R increase or decrease a blue frame until it sticks to the edges of the screen, a process that will take ten seconds and that can be the difference between a good and a great gaming experience.

Official Trailer of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

Experience? What's up, Doc?

The 'Kingdom Hearts' which is included in this compilation is not the original European fans could enjoy more than ten years ago. This is the version of 'Final Mix',which was released in Japan in late 2002 to include certain developments European and American editions already included because they came out a few months later. The novelty was that this new 'Kingdom Hearts' Japanese turn brought new extras in the form of conversations, videos, enemies, batons, shields and swords keys, skills, able to control the camera with the right stick instead of the LR and Above all, a different ending that never came to our country ... until now. We also available from early in the possibility of playing in expert difficulty,and for lovers of trophies, each game has its own.
For those who could enjoy their day of 'Kingdom Hearts' original, maybe this 'Final Mix' alone does not pose a compelling reason to buy the collection. The title by which itself is worth undoubtedly this compilation HD is 'Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories'.This game is situated chronologically between the two released on PS2, originally came to Europe for the Game Boy Advance in May 2005 and only two years later received a remake that never left Japan and North America. Was performed with the graphics engine 'Kingdom Hearts II' and made ​​public according to their 'Final Mix', and neither reached Europe. Fortunately, Square Enix has translated all the texts for this ReMIX, with the original English voices with which we enjoyed in the first film, and for the first time we can enjoy in our continent.
In 'Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories' changes by full combat system that works by letters, and also has smaller scenarios we discover advancing through rooms. Needless to say, it is essential to complete first 'Kingdom Hearts Final Mix' to avoid spoilers, because the introductory video of the second game is a complete summary of the highlights of the previous release and have not played to the end, can you bring some unpleasant surprises.
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix characters
Visit some of the worlds most famous Disney is priceless
The third of the titles included in this Collection HD is 'Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days', which originally came to Nintendo DS 2009 but unfortunately we can not play at this time, so only you can access the Journal of Roxas and  remastered and up scaled video the original game. While it is true that they are especially well because the engine reused for other 'Kingdom Hearts' and the HD looks great on them, the fact is that Square Enix could have worked a bit more about the title and given the possibility of return to play this classic notebook with HD graphics. It is one of the major weaknesses of this collection and doing nothing but give a bad image about the time that he has been able to devote to carry it out.


Return to Destiny Islands

From the introductory video the first 'Kingdom Hearts' is palpable visual improvement, emphasizing among other things the lighting. Although the series has aged well and which once had some great graphics, just take a look at this 1.5 ReMIX see that the visual aspect is very different. The first thing that stands out is that all the saw teeth have been reduced to their minimum expression,and we only find some very specific situations or in case you have a quite-inch television. However, are not at all annoying and both videos as once you're in game everything looks usually quite colorful and well defined.
Kingdom Hearts PlayStation 3 HD Remix 1.5
So we were to learn that '358 / 2 Days' was not available for Playable version
In the finish of the characters themselves that Square Enix could have done more, for we find certain parts in costumes Japanese company seems to have forgotten to change and remain as in the original version. A detail Sora gloves here, another element from another character there and, ultimately, provide the image that the product has not been working all that deserves the opportunity. The same goes for certain movements that result unnatural, something that is very clear in the mouths of the characters as they speak, and they also could have been easily corrected.
All landscapes and environments have also been adapted to high definition with great success, and in most of them the difference from the PS2 version is remarkable. As before, we see that there are certain parts of each stage that have brusque movements and could have worked harder, and not to go anywhere to check distant world: in their own Destiny Islands just take a look at the movement of sea ​​to realize that everything can be improved and there are many details that Square Enix has been overlooked.
before the visual end point should be noted that usually the major unresolved reissues of many of the emerging HD lately. This is the "peaks in HD" that arise because most companies focus much on ending the saw teeth and forget to soften the edges. 'Kindgom Hearts ReMIX HD 1.5 is no exception and is full of them. In PS2 games are not so noticeable, but in the time that passes high definition too obvious. It may be that then we are demanding a remake instead of a HD conversion, which no doubt would have been better to eliminate this type of detail.

A handy menu but something simple. Perhaps too?

Have these failures we have highlighted above does not mean that the game look far wrong. Just try to emphasize that the main attraction of this collection is, in addition to meeting some of the best moments of the series on one disc, the graphics department (there is a reason behind calling it HD), and that it could have worked harder to tell a near-perfect finish and keep up in the series.
Besides all the visual, Square Enix has also been working on the musical. The soundtrack has been remastered in full, featuring instruments that were harder to hear or even replacing them with other very similar. Maybe a lot of people seem imperceptible some new details on some tunes, especially if you are not very recent having played a 'Kingdom Hearts' on PlayStation 2 to serve as a comparison, but the truth is that if we hear two pieces (the old and new) row and the difference is noticeable and a lot of it, which is appreciated.
Scenarios have also been improved. Keep an eye on the wall of stones!


After return to play in high definition at some of the games that defined an era, we have the feeling that this' Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX "is a half-product, not just by graphic finish that can be improved in many aspects, but because presenting the title of Nintendo DS in a menu filled simpleton videos and writings of Roxas is insufficient for both fans of the series and for those who want to start it.
Currently, we find the collection in its basic version in store (there is a special edition with an art book). For the amount of hours of fun it offers and the quality of the two games that includes there is no doubt that it is a must buy for the unusual to 'Kingdom Hearts', but if instead you are in love and have played the two parts in their original platforms, the novelty that you are getting is in the extras 'Final Mix' and the HD remake of 'Chain of Memories'. For many it may be more than enough, others see in this ReMIX a collection incomplete.
Recall that this analysis has focused on the recently launched HD collection and original titles individually.

Positive parts

    Two grand PS2 and GBA, now in high definition

    premastered soundtrack is quite rightly

    very competent price for the hours of fun that offers

    few manage to get so nostalgic sagas to play again

Negative parts

  • 'Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' is only available in the form of videos and texts
  • The transition to HD is not as well worked as the game deserve


Samsung Will Launch the Galaxy S5 with Android and also with the new OS Tizen

Como sera el Samsung galaxy 5
  • The fifth model of Galaxy S will hit the market around March 2015.
  • The main novelty of this terminal would be the existence of two versions.
  • One of these versions include the operating system created by Samung and Intel along with other companies, Tizen.
  • The new Family Mobile Galaxy will hit the market with two versions, Android and Tizen, according to sources collected by the newspaper International Business Times.

    Samsung expects to launch the fifth model of Galaxy S in March 2015.

    ==>> Click here to see if Samsung Galaxy S5 was already released! <<==

    his new terminal would have two versions for your operating system. An Android version and one with Tizen, the new operating system from Samsung and Intel based on Meego code.

    See a bigger map

    Tizen is a proposal headed by Samsung but gathers more telephone companieswich bring different content.

    Other Features

    The new Galaxy model also would have image stabilization for your camera optics and a body of aluminum and magnesium.

    S5 Galaxy unibody format would also, as stated in the Australian newspaper, the Galaxy S5 would market the unibody format , style Xperia Lumia and Z.

    This new measure of Samsung aims to increase the market in which competing terminals.

    The Galaxy S5 will have unibody format The company has achieved great sales success with their smartphones and expects to maintain the good results.

    The operating system Android would KitKat version 4.4.

    A Galaxy every 6 months?
    A galaxy and note the year, so every 6 months there is a new model, but in different ranges, it is normal for any company. March-galaxy, September - note.

    As for myself I will wait for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to come out

    Will you buy the Samsung Galaxy S5?