The woman behind the voice of Siri

Perhaps you do not recognize the woman who appears on these lines, but if you listened to talk this change. This is Susan Bennett and, according to CNN , this is the woman who has put Siri voice. At least, and although Apple has neither confirmed nor seem to confirm this, this ensures the chain based on the confirmation of a forensic acoustics expert Bennett's own. His voice takes years being listened in America. For example, it is not strange to hear it in GPS, ATM or even airports. As explained in the interview, in 2005, devoted almost a whole month to record words and phrases to complete nonsense then these could be processed to create other versions of spoken sentences and paragraphs. In his day never knew what these recordings were to be used until after the iPhone 4S launch several friends contacted her to let you know that Siri's voice seemed, much to his voice. We leave the full interview on video below: