Tikker, the clock that tells the time of your death

A Swedish scientist creates a "gadget" to encourage owners to "enjoy the moment"
Tikker, the clock that tells the time of your death

If you were told that you're going to die tomorrow, what would you do in your final hours This question we sometimes make between jokes or just give flight to our imagination could be very present in our day to day if we wear a clock with counting down the time left. The bizarre idea straight out of the movie "In Time", Justin Timberlake, has been brought to reality. The Swedish researcher has created Fredrik Colting tikker, namely "death watch" pointing the years, months, days, minutes and seconds left until the owner is gone from this world. "The life of each one of us does not have an expiration date and although they tend to avoid the argument, death is not a surprise to none and although not negotiable, it is life itself. This is why we must learn to love and seize every moment, following our hearts, "says Colting.

A questionnaire

However, before starting the clock, its future owner will have to answer a series of questions with no scientific basis on your medical and family history (cases of allergy or chronic diseases) and about their consumption habits (alcohol, smoke, diet), physical activity practice and the weight. After counting points the user will get the date of his death and the tikker will consume the remaining time.
'More than a deathwatch I consider it a sort of apparatus of happiness
"The idea of developing this experiment came after the death of grandfather, who made ​​me think about the frailty of life and made ​​me understand the importance of enjoying every moment, because if we were all aware that we would realize our end approaches certainly better choices. This is why more than a deathwatch I consider it a sort of apparatus of happiness ", as has the 'Daily Express'. For now, the only countdown is underway is the crowd funding website Kickstarter, where "tikker Team" - consisting Colting next to Gustaf Wollin Swedish designer and marketing expert Rebecca deRosa-expected raise about 18,500 euros before November 1 with sales of these watches. The price of each is 43 euros and offers the possibility to consult also the normal time, so that the holder can be secured better at what time it is and not how much time is left to die, but occasionally could use not bad take a look to realize that we must try to enjoy every moment of life. If the end is just a "gadget".  content7 the blog for you